How to use the Clash Royale Deck Maker Tool

 Go to: Pick the opponent's cards of your last match (useally the one you loose): By Clicking on the cards under the "AVAILABLE" section: After you pick all 8 cards you get the suggested cards: Now build a NEW deck based on the suggested cards. Here is some guideline and tips: 1) Try to avoid the cards used in the previous game 2) Try to avoid low level cards (card you use must be at least one level less than your tower) 3) Very often the game will not suggest you an attack/blitz card: pick one by yourself and dont use always the same 4) if you loose a second game start over with another new deck 5) if you loose the third game do a pause 6) if you by a very small advantage switch out the cards that did not work or better start over with another new deck 7) try to keep the Average Elixir cost under 4.0 8) the expected result is a triple crown win... EASY! 9) Clash Deck Maker will force you to use different card, you need to learn how to use it!

A Clash Royale tool to help you win

 Hello, i decided to track in this block the work and effort i am in to develop my tool for Clash Royale, named clash deck maker. I think that if you read this post you will get some tips on how to get the most from this tool and actually win more games. Today task was an upgrade to the Strenght Stat percentage that you can see above the group of card that the tool suggest you. Now it works better and when you see suggested cards with 100% and this hints me also in what areas collect more data. I need to round the percentage, actually. You can tru my tool here, oviously: